What is Construction Law?


During the construction of a building or structure, a law needs to be passed. This is important to ensure nobody is breaking the law and the work goes smoothly. This is what is called as construction law. Construction law comes under 3 laws – state, federal and local. The local law is based on the noise restriction coming directly from the work site, federal law comes to ensure the worksite remains safe from start to finish and finally state law comes under regulations to be maintained for the environment. The construction industry is massive and laws need to be introduced in order to solve a dispute that can arise any given point of time. These are some of the basic terms of construction law every construction lawyer must know.

  1. Defect – Any fault such as cracks present on the wall during the construction of a structure is called as defect.
  2. OSHA – The OSHA is a government organization that maintains the safety and health measure at the construction site.
  3. Mechanics Lien – Mechanics lien is the price or charge applied by the construction company on the construction site. The applied charge is to ensure everything and everyone gets paid without any delay.
  4. Contractor – The contractor is the person who is solely responsible for constructing a structure or building. He or she has sub-contractors who work under him or her.

When it comes to constructing a structure, make sure you hire a construction lawyer who knows everything about building and construction law.

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