What Are The Benefits Of Small Character Inkjet Coders

Inkjet printing systems print date codes, permanent lot codes, logos, graphics and text on any kind of substrate including wood, paper, glass, metal, plastic, and more.

An inkjet coder is useful for non-contact printing of variable information on a variety of materials. These marking systems come with metal enclosures to provide protection against dirt, debris and moisture.

A robust enclosure ensures optimum performance even in challenging production environments. Inkjet coders are ideal for high-speed production environments that require fast and hassle-free printing.

When it comes to these coders, they offer optimum performance, reliability, advanced operation control and affordability. You can visit https://camainks.com/collections/make-up to buy inkjet printers.

Inkjet coders ensure impeccable print quality. These marking systems print electronically with nozzles or valves to eject drops of ink at a short distance.

They also come with an auto-flush feature, implying least operation intervention and downtime. You can automatically update serial numbers, date coding, batch numbers or a simple text message. You can even program your printing device to print shift code, use-by date, lot number or current date.

Benefits of Small Character Inkjet Coders

There are two kinds of coders based on your printing needs. They are small character coders and large character coders. Here are the benefits of small character inkjet coders:

Portable and Takes Less Space

Small character Inkjet printers are easy to install and include simple, non-technical printing guidelines. This makes it easier for almost anyone to operate these devices. A small character inkjet printer is also very compact and takes up little space on your production floor. They are portable and ideal for all your printing needs.

Efficient In Printing Small Characters without Compromising On Speed

Small character inkjet coders are ideal for printing characters as small as 1.5 mm. You can use them for marking products like beverage bottles, pharmaceutical jars, and small cartons.

These printing systems use advanced technology to print graphics, images, text and barcodes at lightning speed. You can expect printing speeds up to 125 feet per minute coupled with a 200 dpi horizontal resolution. There are no hassles of long downtimes and expensive service calls. You can quickly replace print heads and other components within a few minutes.