Types of Swimming Pool Heaters

To prolong the swimming season, many people buy pool heaters which are the ideal way to regulate and maintain warm water temperatures that many people are after. When choosing a heater, there are three types: gas, solar, and geothermal heaters.

Each type is equipped with its own advantages and disadvantages that allow prospective buyers to determine the type of pool heater to be chosen. You can also purchase swimming pool heaters online.

Gas Heaters: These gases operate with natural gas or propane and require natural gas or propane tanks. To successfully heat the pool, the gas pool heater needs to burn fuel through the combustion chamber, where heat is then sent to pool water, which then raises the temperature.

Gas systems can be very expensive to work on if they run continuously. But if the homeowner only requires its use sporadically, for example, to heat a pool when guests occasionally come, or if the pool is located in a vacation home, then they are ideal for pool owners.

Solar Heater: The solar pool system works with sunlight to heat the pond. Existing pond pumps will drain water through separate heaters which are generally located on the roof of a house or building.

The disadvantage of solar pool heaters is that they will only work throughout the day, and operate well on sunny days. They may not increase the water temperature adequately, and as a result, they are ineffective during cold temperatures or cloudy days.