The 3M Clear Bra for Cars

The problem with the classic protective covering is due to the simple fact that it actually covers the glorious machine. No actual automobile fan would like to conceal his precious car under a terrible rubbery surface.

It does not make sense to devote a great deal of money on the best end simply to cover this up using a protective coating. Also, many automobile owners had no other option, either carelessly allowing the automobile to suffer from scrapes and chips or grumpily hiding the gorgeous finish. You can visit to find the Scotchgard film protector for your vehicle.

Some might wonder whether the item actually works in addition to the classic protective cover. The material was initially made by the aviation sector to safe aircraft propellers from chipping. Surely the substance will be equally good at preventing a scratch on vehicles too.


The 3m clear bra is ideal for protecting headlights too. The protective coating is often applied to the front of the car and onto the lenses of their headlights. The winning purpose of the material is it is virtually undetectable while working wonders.

The initial design of the automobile isn't changed at all. The proprietor gets the reassurance that comes with the understanding that the vehicle is protected while using the luxury of loving with his automobile in its first condition.

Another concern is that the clarity degree of this 3m bra. How clear can it be actually? The maker of this item boasts the substance is almost undetectable unless the automobile is extremely white in color.

The clear coat is a bit more visible on a plain white automobile when quite closely analyzed but it's not detectable from a standard distance. You will find a faint line at which the 3m clear bra ceases but that's better than a nasty insect shade or paint chips.