Learning About Sports Physical Therapy

Sports physical therapy is a specific classification of physical therapy that is tailored to aid in the recovery of sports-related injuries.

Although it still adopts some of the major principles seen across all platforms of physical therapy, sports therapy uses specific exercises and techniques that ensure an athlete's ability to return to their sport at the same level of competitiveness they achieved prior to their injury or surgery.

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Following an injury, an athlete is heavily restricted in the range of motion around the joints and muscle of the impairment. In sports rehabilitation, a physical therapist is trained to work with you to restore your strength, flexibility, and motion.

Using their training to identify deficiencies in the biomechanics of the human body, they target the impairment with a series of muscle targeting exercises, stretches, massage techniques, and even specialized equipment.

People often ask when the best time to visit a sports therapist is. In truth, the best time to go is as soon as you experience an unusual feeling of pain or discomfort that doesn't go away. The sooner you start sports rehabilitation, the easier it will be, and the faster you will recover.

The same applies for post-surgical sports rehabilitation. Immediately following surgery, it is suggested that you visit a physical therapy center right away. Physical therapists are knowledgeable about surgical procedures and can establish a successful recovery plan based on the type of surgery you had done.