How to Find a Medical Marijuana doctors?

Marijuana has been used for medicinal purposes. The first use of cannabis for medical purposes was the Chinese surgeon Hiatus anesthetic. It was there for about 1800 years. Recent results in numerous scientific studies have shown that cannabis may be useful in the world of medicine.

Marijuana can be a great tool to overcome certain medical conditions and is considered a form of alternative medicine. It can be very useful for patients who have found that traditional medicine does not give them what they need. If you want to get more information about medical marijuana then you can visit at

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I live in California.  There are many medical marijuana dispensaries or clinics are available. Medical marijuana is legal for some time from California in the late 1990s. With the election results 2017, there are now 28 states that allow some form of access to medical cannabis or marijuana.

Each state will have their eligible medical condition that will allow a doctor approved by the state to give you a recommendation of medical marijuana. Some states are stricter than others, it is important to do some research and see what medical conditions legally allow access to medical marijuana in your respective state.