Green Smoothies For Better Health and Performance In The Gym

Everyone wants to live longer, feel better, and slimmer, right? We know that diet and exercise are the main keys to achieving this goal. One secret that many people find to feel better and achieve greater achievements in the gym is the use of smoothies – especially green smoothies. This smoothie combines a mixture of water, fruit, and lettuce in one drink. Green smoothies are better than consuming ingredients separately for several reasons.

Comfort can be achieved with green smoothies – this is the most obvious reason to use them. You quickly mix a handful of berries, lettuce, and bananas in the morning and you have a shaker cup full of fruit and vegetables throughout the day.

Drink with food, post-workout, or as part of a midday snack. Instead of chewing bananas and salads, you can just drink to drink in 10 or 15 seconds and continue your day. Keto macro ratio is the most precise keto calculator designed to help you determine your ideal food intake (macronutrients) for the ketogenic diet as well as other types of low-carbs diets.

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Synergy is definitely achieved when drinking green smoothies. Your body is able to assimilate the nutrients offered in each of the various fruits and vegetables in the same sitting position.

Instead of digesting bananas, waiting 4 hours, then digesting lettuce, then digesting strawberries four hours later, you can reap the health benefits of each banana – all at the same time – with each dish.

Finally, researchers believe green smoothies produce something greater than just the amount of material. Chimpanzees also enjoy green lettuce all day, and their health and strength certainly surpass humans.

It is believed that by chewing each leaf slowly hundreds of times, they are able to break down the cell membrane in lettuce, and therefore get more nutritional benefits. Using your blender to crush lettuce into small pieces provides the same benefits!