Going For An Airport Transportation

 Because while they are indeed a lot more expensive than you would want, they are faster than the car or the boat because they fly through the air with no traffic rather than we forced to be on gravitational standards. Think about riding that plane and peeking down going Look At Those Puny Humans WALKING on LAND of all things. Right? So do not underestimate Denver airport transportation.

Now, there are all kinds of transportation out there that you could enjoy yourself from choosing and using. We have cars and ships and maybe bikes. But you know what really is the bet out of all of them? A recumbent bike, that is what.

Now that is the kind of mode of transportation we can get behind. Driving and steering it while lying down? Sounds like a really good deal if you ask us. And it sounds like it caters to both the elderly AND the lay people of the world. Good for us.

Do you even know what it is like to ride a bike while laying down like that? You could literally be wearing sunglasses and then someone would take a picture of you and caption you as some kind of meme. You would be like a boss if you get what we are saying.

You could be shooting down the high way all pimp like and even have the exercise that you have been asked to get. And as much as it annoys you, it works. Even if you really do hate exercise with a passion. Good thing you are not on a diet or else we would really feel bad for you.

Why would you make yourself suffer twice as bad like that? Not only do you have to work our body into oblivion and sweat like a pig, but you have to make yourself miserable by not eating the food that you lived to eat? Wow, diet and exercise sound like hell.

Since we love life, we would just let you do your stuff while we live a nice life of fatty food and lazy living thank you very much. While you go on ahead and make it hard for yourself by, oh we do not know, eating healthy? Making yourself look better? Yeah, sound like hell.

Okay, jokes aside, we feel like it is our job to reiterate that if you are one of those types to just be casually working out so you do not waste away in your room, then start by going on a bike rides and make even use these lazy looking bikes if you really feel like it. They would get you to get used to the hard ones.

You know, easing you back into exercise and sweating. Because we know what it is like to just suddenly be thrown into working out when we have been spending our past five years as sloths. It hurts the body because our muscles are not used to them anymore. It would have been nice if we have been prepped first instead of being thrust into it. The result was that we quit because we are wussies and cannot really take that much exercise.