Classic Contemporary Furniture – Redefining Antiques

Contemporary furniture refers to mid-century furniture produced since the 19th century onwards. Strongly influenced by the modernist movement, which promotes self-awareness and attention-grabbing experimental forms to use new technological processes and materials to make and build.

It is characterized by a shift from furniture as an adornment to emphasis on function and accessibility. Pursuing novelty, new technological processes and originality led to the collection of contemporary designer furniture that we see today.  You can discover more about mid century modern furniture via

Contemporary Furniture is a world concept

Contemporary furniture is a world concept, and not only limited to inheriting aesthetic preferences in Western European style designs. For example, Japonism, which first appeared in the second half of the 19th century, uses contrasting patterns and colored solid fields and linear depictions that ignore mathematical perspectives to impress Western audiences.

A number of designers were directly influenced by this movement and were famous for combining the two styles together to create new forms of art in the modernist movement.

Materials used in contemporary furniture designs

Various types of new materials are used to make modern furniture that was not previously used, such as plywood, oak, and steel. Steel and oak are widely used because their ease is formed into various exotic shapes and shapes that make the audience shocked.