Chiropractic Care For Neck Injuries

The neck or cervical spine can be injured in many ways. General injury to the neck is whiplash which can occur in a car accident, sports injury or fall.

The neck is forced to become hyperextension during a rear-end collision, falling backwards or being hit from behind in various sports competitions. You can get detail about Chiropractic Care via this source:

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Neck hypertension causes slipping of the spine which leads to a bent and swollen nerve. Stretching of the anterior ligament and anterior vertebral disc of the cervical vertebra also occurs.

Hyperextension is followed by hyper-flexion which stretches the posterior ligament and the posterior vertebral disc also makes the nerves swollen and irritated.

Whiplash produces an abnormal position of the cervical spine, inconsistent vertebrae, and stretched ligaments.

If the strength of the injury is quite severe or the health underlying the disc is a bad injury, it can cause a herniation or protrusion of the cervical disc. In addition to symptoms of neck pain in arm and hand pain, numbness or tingling, weakness in the upper extremities can also occur.

Neck injuries that result in cervical sprains and/or tension, spinal joint restriction, and non-surgical cervical protrusions respond very well to chiropractic treatment. The treatment approach used depends on the diagnosis, severity and recovery stage for the injury.