Assessing the Value of Your Goods Before Visiting Jewelry Buyers

Selling valuable items that you no longer need is a convenient way to make extra money. However, you must know the estimated value of each part to make sure you get the value of your money.

If you don't ensure the true value of your jewelry, some jewelry buyers will try to offer less money than their value. If you're looking for jewelry buyers then you can browse this source: Jewelry Buyer – Diamond Buyer – Watch Buyer – Sell Your Jewelry – CIRCA

Here are some methods that you can use at home to determine the value of gold, silver, and other jewelry pieces.


The first step to knowing the value of your watch is to identify it correctly. The more information you can gather about age, manufacturer, model, and size, the better.

Most watches can be aged with their serial numbers, which are located on the watch itself. However, if your number does not have a serial number, you may need to base the age of the style construction.

Jewel counts are another important factor in calculating values. The more jewelry that is embedded in your watch, the higher the value.

Coins and Gold Jewelry

Determine the amount of rust on each piece of gold and whether some of the pieces are really real gold. Look for the rust number on the sheet.

If it can't be read or you can't find it, you can always take it to a reputable gold dealer to determine the rust number. To ensure correct rust numbers, invest in an acid testing kit at home.

Silver Products

Calculate the value of silver shares in some similarities like gold. This value is mainly based on weight, so you have to weigh your silver.

To determine purity, you must do an acid test with a test stone. Testing with acid will help you determine the purity of your pieces.